Vita Pri Hagalil Group​

Vita Pri Hagalil Group works in various fields, under 4 different brand names- Vita, Pri Hagalil, Tal Tomatoes and Kapulsky. The group works in the culinary field which provides a wide range of cooking products and cooking aids, as well as tomato products and high quality processed vegetables. In addition, the group operates in the bakery field which allows it to provide handmade cakes, cookies and pastries.


The company has a target – to become a significant and influential mean in the Israeli food market, to operate in order to add additional fields of activity and businesses in the field of foods, while focusing the operation in the fields associated with the health and environment of quality's trends and with cooperation with leading international food groups. The group is obligated to organizational culture of a high quality, while putting an emphasis on excellence and setting the highest standards of the group's administrators and its employees. As well, Vita Pri Hagalil is obligated to preserve the quality of the environment, to implement extremely meticulous quality standards and also, to its customers, suppliers and employees satisfaction. ​​

 Our Costumers


The Group operates in four main local markets: the organized market (in the large retail chains), the institutional market (hotels, hospitals, institutional kitchens, the Ministry of Defense, etc.), the industrial market (food factories that use the Group's products as raw materials) and in the privet market. The Group also exports some of its products mainly to Europe, the United States and Canada.​

מגוון המותגים שלנו


Quality and Control First

Vita- Pri Galil Group takes as a supreme value the quality and safety of the product, as well as the safety of operating its plants throughout the country. The Group operates in accordance with the international quality laws and safety regulations and in accordance with the standards, procedures and laws of the State of Israel.

The Group's plants work with certified suppliers with approved qualified systems only


In order to provide a quick response to the Market's changing needs, Vita Pri Hagalil Group has a number of advanced and sophisticated development laboratories that enable quality control over all stages of production and development of new products in all areas of activity in which the Company operates.

In the company's laboratories works food technologists and food engineers as well as expert chefs, who are engaged in both control processes and the development of new products.

The Group is committed to the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers. For this purpose, the Group applies strictest quality and health standards, both in products for the local market and in products exported abroad.

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