Pri Hagalil Factory

With a production capacity of over 70,000 tons of vegetables and fruits per year, Pri Hagalil is the largest factory for vegetables processing in Israel, as they are canned or packed into frozen vegetables bags.  Pri Hagalil Factory has a production capacity of approximately 35,000 tons raw material corn per year, approximately 16,000 tons raw material potatoes, (from which the company manufactures French fries), approximately 6,000 tons raw material of peas per season, approximately 4,000 tons of spring beans and autumn beans, approximately 6,000 tons of carrots and baby carrots per season and as well, a production capacity of approximately 3,000 tons of cauliflower and broccoli per season.

The factory, founded on 1951 and located in Hazor Haglilit of the Upper Galilee, processes field crops and agricultural manufacture from all cropping areas in the State of Israel – starting from the Arava down south and all the way to Etzba Hagalil up north.

The agriculture raw materials are purchased directly from about 80 growers throughout Israel a few months in advance, accordingly to the growing season which characterizes every crop individually, and the processed produce is sold throughout the year as frozen products (packed in bags) and as canned products.  The factory is one of the largest employment centers of the northern district and provides livelihood to over 300 families from the area.

The Tuna Factory


The factory has begun operating during the first half of 2010, producing canned tuna.  The raw material is imported to Israel in a frozen form from the leading factories in the world.

The factory is one of the largest in Israel, and is located on the same plot as Pri Hagalil Factory.  The factory is modern and meets all the current leading, advanced standards.

The products are sold under the brand ‘Pri Hagalil’ in retail packages of 160 gr. and in institutional packages of 1 kg.

The factory is kosher under the supervision of the Badatz Ultra-Hassidic Group.


Water Maintenance and Cycle


Pri HaGalil is completely obligated to environmental protection in general, and to wastewater treatment in particular.  The factory holds one of the most progressive systems for industrial wastewater purification and separation in the country. All of the factory’s wastewaters are treated and recycled for agricultural use in HaHula Valley.


Pri Hagalil around the World


Pri HaGalil Factory exports its produces to the United States, to Canada and to England. The scope of export stands at approximately 10% per year.  The main portion of export focuses mainly on baby carrots products and on frozen corn kernels.


Israeli Wants Fresh


Pri Hagalil canned and frozen products have been manufactured accordingly to the demands of the Israeli consumer. The products are packed and sold under the brand name Pri Hagalil, and currently constitute a well known, preferred brand in the Israeli market.  Pri Hagalil products are associated with high quality standards, since they are carefully picked, harvested from the fields while fresh and natural at an optimal ripening stage, and afterwards transported, processed and packed within a few hours from the moment of their departure from the harvested field.  Whether in bags as a frozen product and whether in cans, the products are processed by an innovative process, which enables preserving their freshness and their nutritional values.  The preserved Pri Hagalil products do not contain any preservatives, and neither do a wide variety of frozen vegetables which go through a quick boil and freezing and are then packed either separately or as an assortment of vegetables.


High Freshness of Quality and Control


Pri Hagalil gives high priority to the product’s quality and safety, and also to the subject of the factory’s operation safety.  The factory operates accordingly to the standards, regulations and laws of the State of Israel and accordingly to international standards, in all that regards to the nutritional and health values of the foods.  As a leading manufacturer in the field of preserved and frozen fruits and vegetables, the factory operates under a GMP authorization of the Ministry of Health.

Security systems, unique laboratories and additional authorizations of the factory:


  • Food security system built and operated accordingly to the HACCP principles and accordingly to the requirements of Standard ISO 22000.
  • Quality system accordingly to Standard ISO 2000/9001.
  • Authorization for Standard BRC, at a major part of the frozen vegetables.
  • Agricultural raw materials’ purchase system, designated to pick and contractually engage only with growers who are EUROGAP authorized, who ensure meeting international standards of food safety and quality.
  • Laboratory for standard examinations, designated to conduct quality assurance to the final product and the quality of boxes’ sealing.
  • Microbial laboratory. 


Before entering the storehouse and the production halls, the raw materials and packaging materials go through a series of extremely strict examination and filtering.  In order to assure a consistent supervision over the products’ quality, a staff of technologists who are food experts are permanently employed by the factory, as they escort the product’s production from beginning to end.  Out of every production serving, a number of finished products are examined and go through quality assurance in the laboratory, and only upon approval of the product according to the customary standards and criterions in the factory, the products manufactured on that production series may be packed.  In order to preserve quality and freshness of the product throughout the shelf life it was ascribed with, the product’s package is picked carefully, through consideration of the final consumer, his needs and his convenience. 

The process of sterilization of the conserve cans is performed by a one of a kind continuous technology in Israel.

The freezing process is performed by the IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) method, which preserves the product’s quality and freshness as it is being frozen.


One of the Most Advanced Mechanization in Israel


Pri HaGalil Factory is proud of its mechanization which is of the newest, most advanced and most unique in Israel.

In the field of conserves – Continuous sterilization.  The continuous sterilizer is a machine capable of sterilizing approximately 360 cans per minute.  The main advantages of the sterilizer are in fact the quick heating, which causes minimal harm to the paint, accelerates the quality of minerals and vitamins of the vegetable within the can.


Optical scanner – A scanner which sorts the vegetables that get on the line through scanning which locates irregular items, such as metals.  When an irregular item is located, the scanner “shoots” the item away from the line by blowing strongly at it.  As the process continues, the scanners can sort vegetables by their color and can remove vegetables with a color different than the one defined in the machine from the line.  For example, the scanner will know to remove a pea that isn’t green enough.


Kashruths (kosher supervision):


  • The Local Rabbinate of Hazor Haglilit
  • Agudat Israel (for the Pri Hagalil brand)
  • Badatz Ultra-Hassidic Group  (for the series of vegetables marketed under the name ‘Vita’, directeds for the ultra orthodox community)
  • For Passover: Local Rabbinate of Hazor Haglilit / Yoreh Deah (for the brand Pri HaGalil under supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Machpud).

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