Miloz, the largest, most senior tomatoes factory in Israel, was founded on 1965.  Advanced technology under the strictest quality standards. A professional, highly skilled staff of workers, a modern R&D laboratory, all joined together to provide qualitative products, innovative solutions and high standard service to clients.  The products are marketed to known companies in Israel and abroad.  The main destination countries are Japan, Europe and the United States.  The tomatoes’ products for the local market carry the brands “Tal” and “Tal Tari”, which became leading brands in the tomato products’ category throughout the country, as well as a brand with an adorned “Tuv Ta’am” Kashruth (kosher supervision), suitable for use of the Ultra Orthodox sector.


The source of the raw material, the citrus and tomatoes, comes from Israeli agriculturists who reside around the Western Galilee, Beth Shean Valley, Izrael Valley and others areas throughout Israel.



“Miloz” Factory processes approximately 100,000 tons of tomatoes per season, and accompanies the tomato from the stage of picking the species, scheduling sowing/planting dates, control and supervision in the fields, fruit-picking timing and all the way to the tomatoes’ arrival in the most optimal way to be processed at the factory.  As well, the factory takes part in the development of exclusive tomato species for the tomato industry.  Many efforts have been made throughout the past few decades to domesticate, cultivate and broaden the variety and species of tomatoes, this in order to enable the consumer to enjoy the tomato all year long, including its integration in a conserves state.  Currently, a wide variety of tomatoes in conserves packages on a natural basis is available – red and ripe, sweetish-salty, Mediterranean and royal, large, medium, small and mini-sherry tomatoes, rich in liquids and meaty, semi-cooked and peeled, all of them a tomato, as was said “Tal directly from the field”.


The term conserves or conserves can came to indicate that indeed, the product is preserved and the need of placing the tomato inside a conserves can is the need of the hour and the needs of modern era, all in order to make the tomato available all year long at maximal convenience.  In the process used by Miloz, about 90% of the nutritional values are preserved, including the lycopene ingredient and the tomato’s texture and flavor.

“Miloz” ensures that the packaging of the products is done in a way which provides them with maximal protection and a long shelf life.  Specific labels and colors are personally and individually maintained, accordingly to the demands of the industrial, institutional or retail clients.



“Miloz” Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of citruses’ and tropical fruits’ processing.  The factory processes approximately 25,000 tons of fruits and produces industrial products for juice and soft drinks factories in Israel and abroad.  The export of citruses is mainly directed to Western and Eastern Europe.


Citrus Products Produced in Miloz are as follows:


  • Citrus concentrates: orange juice and grapefruit juice extracts, citruses’ extracts made of peels and concentrates as the basis for juices and soft drinks.
  • Fruit juices: natural juices from oranges and grapefruits.
  • Special mixes: cocktails from different fruits, according to the clients’ demands.
  • Special products: special oils produced from the skins of oranges, grapefruits and pomelit fruits.


Miloz has a comprehensive ability in the field of research and development, with a many years’ experience and a well skilled and professional staff of workers which focuses on providing a variety of solutions in order to meet the client’s demands, as well as to develop new products.

All products are available in industrial packages, accordingly to the client’s demand.

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