Vita was established on 1937 as a family factory which has set itself a goal to produce, to develop and to market food products of high quality to the private sector as well as the industrial sector.  Vita's jams, canned foods and soup concentrates with the mythological motto "you weren't wrong – it is Vita", have escorted all house members at the neighborhood grocery store, at the home larder, in restaurants, at hotels and in guest houses throughout the state ever since the first years Israel.

 This made vita a brand that constitutes an integral part of the Israeli industry and existence.


Continuing to take the Lead

During the first decades of Israel's independence, the small factory has developed and contributed its share in designing the habits of the Israeli consumption culture in the field of grocery products.  The group manufactures, imports, acquires and markets a variety of products, including: seasoning soups, cooking soups, instant soups, dry gravies, salad dressing and soy sauce, jams, pastas, breadcrumbs, couscous, mini croutons, Israeli couscous, oil spray, vinegar and lemon juice.  Part of the products are manufactured by the group and part are acquired from local producers as well as through import.  The manufacturing, production and packaging of the products all take place in the factory, located in Hazor Ha'Glilit.

On 2005, the company adopted the health trend that has been developing in the field of food products throughout the world as well as in Israel, and has become a main player at the field.  Accordingly to this decision, the company produces a variety of products that are MSG free, including: seasoning soups, quick preparation instant soups (Chop chop soups) and matzo balls.


Quality and Control

All the raw materials and packaging materials go through meticulous inspection and sorting procedures before being entered to the storeroom and to the production hall.  The production procedure, determined by the food technicians' staff of Vita, accompanies the company product from beginning to end, and it is strictly supervised at every stage of the procedure.  The professional staff's accompanying of the procedure ensures a uniform procedure in every production portion and a constant maintenance of products' quality.  Out of every production portion, a few finished products are sampled, as they go through quality control at the lab.  Only after the products are approved accordingly to the customary standards and criterions at the factory, the factory is given a green light to pack the produced products of that manufacturing series.  In order to maintain the product's quality and freshness throughout all its given shelf life, the product's package is punctiliously chosen while taking into consideration the final consumers, his needs and convenience.

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